Enjoy a Session with Meadow Spring’s Preferred Massage Therapists

Relax and unwind at the tranquil clinic at RE Massage. Our studio is a favourite for people in Meadow Springs, looking for that much-needed getaway from the business and stress of everyday life. From helping treat those suffering with muscle stiffness or reduced ability, to simply giving our clients a rejuvenating session, our team is passionate about helping you.

Massage therapy has a number of healing properties, from soothing your mind and spirit, to relieving tension all over the body. We have a great range of packages available to suit your requests, focusing on your tension points, opting for a long or short session, or simply packages that suit your budget. You are sure to find a session that works with you, so get in touch with the therapists at RE Massage today.

Relax and unwind at this remote, pristine massage studio

We understand that every individual has a unique set of requirements and preferences when it comes to remedial massage. This is why, at RE Massage, we offer a full range of treatments and services, from deep tissue sessions to relaxing, soothing remedial massage. Don’t let your body and mind suffer with tension, aches and stress, choose RE Massage and take full advantage of the soothing, healing properties of remedial massage.

Our team are fully trained and qualified massage therapists that are passionate about healing and rejuvenating their clients. Feel safe in the right hands at RE Massage with an experienced team who take care with each appointment. Discover a pain-free, stress-free life with the various techniques we can implement including rock taping, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

Remedial massage for your health

If you are looking to relax and unwind in a tranquil, remote locale, please contact our Mandurah studio today. We are always welcoming new clients, so give us a call on (08) 9534 6604, send us an email at info@remassage.com.au or send us a message on our contacts page. We will get back to you regarding packages and appointment availability as soon as possible.