There are many things in our bodies that need proper attention and care, but that is not to say that we should rush to the nearest medical expert and have our whole body examined internally as well as externally, to rid ourselves of the curiosity. Often there are certain things going on with our body, which need our attention, but with growing periods of time and carelessness, the concern diminishes slowly, leaving our body with undiagnosed tension. So maybe before looking into MRIs, X-Rays, and CT Scans, we could try a more natural approach with a Remedial Massage.

Why Remedial Massage? Well, they are fully approved as far as medical science goes and has proven outstanding results. Remedial Massages target specific areas of physical tension and/or pain and are realistic, practical, and relaxing in their approach to addressing these issues, as well as emotional stress and a range of other problems our bodies may encounter. So what are some of the health outcomes from remedial massage?

1. Stress Reliever

If you did not know this, you would be shocked to find out that a lot of stress we put ourselves under is in fact, a direct result of physical negligence. We are often careless with the way we treat our bodies and therefore tend to leave certain muscles Knotted up or under unbearable amounts of tension, which then leads the whole body to tighten up and make more, unnecessary issues for ourselves. All these concerns can be easily tackled with a professional Remedial Massage therapist who will look thoroughly into each individuals needs and provide them with a bespoke treatment plan in order to alleviate and diminish their concerns over a period of time.

2. Stimulates the Nervous System

Research has shown that massage stimulates the nervous system to produce hormones that have tremendous benefit on the entire body, including Dopamine (the happy hormone), Serotonin (the calming hormone), Endorphins (the body’s pain reliever) and Cortisol (fight or flight hormone). While also reducing unwanted chemicals that can have a detrimental effect on our health.

3. Eliminating re-occurring complaints

We often get to experience aches and pains at some point during the day, or even through the night. It could be anything from a headache, to a cramp in the foot or everything in between but it’s best to address these problems before they root themselves deeply in the body, leading to more serious issues. Remedial massage helps remedy these problems by lengthening the muscles, improving postural alignment and increasing range of motion in joints therefore addressing the source of the pain and eliminating the issue overtime.

4. Even Blood Circulation

With an even blood flow, the body tends to remain in its most optimum position and is ready to take on challenges of both mental and physical nature. With unaddressed aches comes uneven circulation. Things like these can be easily maintianed with regular massage treatments and proper medical guidance.

5. Sports Improvement

If you’re a sportsperson, you ought to consider the importance of remedial massage. No matter how much exercise you are capable of, it is important you look after your muscles in the process! Having regular massages will help flush out the toxins your muscles produce while exercising, reduce recovery time and improve flexibility.